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Coming May 20, 2022

Some people are cursed in love, but Rosie’s bad luck starts the moment her lips touches someone else’s. Locking lips with a man is a sure sign they’ll conveniently lose her number, stop returning calls, or worse, shut her down cold within a week’s time. What else could she call her terrible dating streak? Time is running out, and she only has one more semester of college to find someone before returning home where the dating pool is as dry as the Arizonan desert.

Tate’s ready to make his mark in the architectural world and give his mom a new place to call home, one that isn’t tainted by haunting memories of his father. But wherever he goes, he wants Rosie there with him. After realizing his own feelings for her, he wants to not only end the rumors, but also make a statement drastic enough to keep her around permanently.

The only obstacle- Rosie’s friend-zoned him indefinitely. Good thing he’s up for a challenge, even if that means facing demons from his childhood.






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