Two Book Release Announcements

I really need to do better about updating my website. Good thing it’s almost a new year and I can start again, try again.

I’d love to let you know what’s been going on in my writing world and share with you two new books that will be releasing in the next few months.

First let’s talk about this past year. I failed epically in my marketing goals, but here is what I was able to accomplish:

I published 4 new books:
-Roping the Cowboy Next Door
-Reining in the Cowboy
-First Kisses
-Finding Faith

I published the Kiss Me Collection in one eBook so it’s more affordable. (I’ll count it as a publish.

I wrote 5 new books
I outlined 12 new books
I produced three audiobooks
I survived one year, marketing on Tik Tok lol. I’d say this was one of my biggest challenges.

So though I didn’t get everything done, I still managed to accomplish great things.

Now, onto the year 2024!

This year, I plan on publishing 5 books. Here will be the first publish of the year, ringing in on January 28th. Porter and Jeanine finally get a say on their own romance in Book 4: My Plus-One Cowboy.

Isn’t it adorable? I am excited for this one to come out! This one will come out under my penname for inspirational romances, June B Anderson.

Next, I am announcing a new sweet romance collection based on the five senses. Every book will focus on one of the senses and a neurodiverse behavior existing around that sense. Sight will be featured first.

Isn’t it beautiful? This romance focuses on a girl who has been face blind since birth. She runs a tea shop in her small town and meets a new face one day and can’t seem to forget him. Even though she couldn’t recognize him in a crowd, within a few weeks of getting to know each other, he seems to imprinted himself on her heart.

This is going to be a heart-felt series with new and diverse stories never told before. What do you think of the new projects happening?

As well as publishing these two sweet romances, I will be releasing the last two books in the Cowboy series, Leanne and Dan’s story and Mandy and Dallas’s story. If there is an abundance of time 🙂 I will also release book 2 in the Senses collection and possibly a Christmas romance.

Stay tuned…

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