I’m firing my marketing manager

Yes, I am the marketing manager. And I’m firing myself. The last time I checked into my website was in March, and a lot has happened. I hadn’t logged in for so long that miscreant hoorahs got in here and spammed my comment section with inappropriate things. I’m sorry about that. I will do better about fielding those comments to the trash can where they belong.

In 2022, I focused on making all of my previously published books audiobooks, and I have almost accomplished that. I have one more that needs to be done, and of course, I need to start on the books that were published last year in the Kiss Me Collection and the most recent cowboy rom coms I have published under the penname, June B. Anderson.

Yes, you heard that right. I am writing under a new penname, June B. Anderson. She will be publishing cowboy inspirational romances, and she’s already had the first two published, with lots more coming. Exciting, right? I have one book coming out under Jenny Rabe in a few months, First Kisses, and that one will come out at the end of the summer in 2023. So watch for it. 🙂

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