The Fake Engagement Boxset is out!

Yay, finally, I have the entire fake engagement collection in one file, one book, that is ready to read.

Instead of paying triple the cost, you can get all four eBooks. I loved writing this sweet romance collection, learned a ton, and am ready to see it enjoyed by the masses.

Something Old
All she wanted was to put the past behind her…
Emilie Carter never wants to return to Danvers, Massachusetts, but when her childhood home needs to be sorted for sale, she’s forced to tie up loose ends. Her hopes to abandon all ties to the place fails when she’s roped into being a bridesmaid for her ex-best friend and Emilie’s high school sweetheart. No big deal, right?
Dean Wright has worked hard to make a name for himself and continue his father’s fishing business. After years of feeling empty, enter long-time crush, Emilie. When she needs a date for a wedding to show her ex she’s moved on, he takes it a step further by proposing a fake engagement. Her presence stirs up old feelings, and Dean is determined not to let her go this time.

Something New
It was a fake engagement. Laura Lee never meant to fall in love…
After losing her job and her grandmother, Laura Lee can barely drag herself out of bed. She’s confused, lonely, and stuck in a rut. When Aiden is hired as the handyman next door, Laura Lee finds purpose again in more ways than one.
The first day on the job, Aiden finds a clue about his birth mother. Needing a reason to stick around after hours, he turns to his new neighbor for information—a meeting that leads to a beneficial friendship which spins out of control as the words, “We’re engaged,” slip out of his mouth in an effort to stay close to his source.
Laura Lee is too head-over-heels to correct him, and makes it her mission to convince him his slip of the tongue is really true love. Will their growing feelings be enough to keep them together, or is their friendship destined to end when his search does?

Something Borrowed
Borrowing your best friend’s shirt is okay. Borrowing her ex is not.
Christine Swanson is a number cruncher and fact checker, but her crush on her best friend’s ex, Toby Cannon, has always left her with a negative balance. When she needs a date for her cousin’s wedding, her best friend suggests borrowing Toby for the week.
Toby goes along with the fake relationship with the one purpose: winning his ex back. There’s just one problem, pretending with Christine feels all too real.
With love and friendship on the line, Toby and Christine might just be borrowing trouble.

Something Blue
Dreading the wedding of her longtime crush, Sadie decides to bring along an online date.
Casino heir Andy agrees to go to the wedding with Sadie in exchange for a pretend engagement to appease the chairman, his father. The scheme is simple enough—until he realizes his interest in her is growing, and she’s not over the groom.
Will this fake relationship fall apart royally or will the casino heir hit the jackpot?

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