And the ball keeps rolling…

Since I last posted, I’ve had a few releases and lots of new book news. I guess I’ve neglected updating my book news 😉

1. Something Unexpected came out May 31st. It’s Rachel and Dave’s story, two characters that were the side show in Something Borrowed. These characters were to fun to write that I knew they needed their own story.

2. Love in the Air came out Oct. 30th and is a fun singles cruise concept. 12 couples meet, and one couple is featured in the story.

3. Dating the Director published Nov. 24th and is a novella medical romance in a collection of other Medical Hero romances.

4. Chalk it up to Love published January 11th in the new year. It is the Valentine’s Day story I’ve been working on for a while, and finally it gets to tell its sweet story. It is on preorder for only 0.99 cents so grab a copy before it goes up in price.

5. In the year 2022, I have four scheduled books in the Kiss Me collection . I also need to write my second book in the Love Cruise collection. I also have a secret project I’ve been working on, but not sure when or if I’ll release news about that next year or not. Either way, 2022 is going to be a great year.


  • Olivia Sherwood

    So in the last book of the kiss me collection (Mistletoe Kisses) it says that there will be a fourth book called first kisses, and that it came out in spring of 2022. I was wondering how I could get that book. I looked on your website and on amazon but I can’t find it.

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